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Loving Yourself After Breast Cancer: Shay speaks on the controversy that often comes with sharing ma

I usually receive countless negative comments whenever I post topless mastectomy photos. People can be extremely mean! Women and men have called me a man, unattractive, undesirable & better off dead. Surprisingly, most of my negative comments come from WOMEN. The same women who could possibly have to face my same fate one day. Crazy huh? I’ve been told that no man will want me without breasts. I will NEVER get married now! How can I feel sexy without breasts? I’m soliciting sex online, because no one will ever want to have sex with me. 🙄 Who would do this to themselves & why would I post this “mess” online? <— Many people would refrain from sharing their stories or become bitter after hearing and seeing so many unfavorable comments, but I refuse to be silenced!

I share MY mastectomy photos because:

1. I WANT TO 2. to educate {Many people have never seen a #mastectomy photo, especially of a young or African American woman.} 3. to show other women who have my same scars, they’re not alone 4. I’m not the face, body type or circumstance that you usually see on commercials or billboards 5. to possibly change people’s ignorance to knowledge, while lifting the stigma of breast cancer & mastectomies.

My scars are proof that I survived whatever tried to harm my body. Every mark, be it a mosquito bite, chicken pox scar, cut, scratch or medical incision, tells a story of survival. I am a SURVIVOR! {Say it in your Beyonce voice!}

~ Madame President, Shay Sharpe Diagnosed with BreastCancer at ages 26 & 36.


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