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2021 SSPW Christmas Wishes

Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes lists are now open for young women with Stage IV breast cancer, caretakers of kids whose moms were taken away by breast cancer and young women who are currently in active breast cancer treatment.

Christmas Wish Requirements:

* Mom must've been diagnosed with breast cancer on or before age 40.

* Currently undergoing breast cancer treatment or awaiting surgery, if not Stage IV.

* Children of past SSPW Recipients, who have passed away, are eligible.

* Out of state SSPW Wish Recipients, who already have a relationship with SSPW and meet the requirements, are eligible to apply as well.

* We will also accept hospital and social worker referrals, until all Xmas funds are exhausted.

* If you are the guardian of children whose mom passed away from breast cancer, feel free to contacts as well.

Please email your request and breast cancer story to us at Be sure to use 2021 Christmas Wish in the subject line.


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