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Join SSPw Host Committee for our 11th annual black tie fundraiser.

Since 2011, Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes has educated, advocated, mentored, supported and granted numerous Big Wishes and hundreds of Xmas Wishes to young women and children, across the globe, who have been affected by breast cancer.

We can’t carry out these initiatives alone. We need your help! Please consider being a host committee member for our amazing cause. ♥ Host Committee members contribute to the event in the following ways:

• Commit to filling at least 1 table of 8 people. You can make a gift of $1,000 for each full table or share this cost with the guests that will join you.

• Assist us in securing funding for this event and our scholarships by providing the names of 5-10 entrepreneurs or companies that you believe would be interested in attending or sponsoring our 11th Annual Fundraiser. You can provide us with the contact information or we can provide you with the materials to mail or email to your contacts. (Our team is happy to follow up with each invitee regarding their interest.)

• Promote the fundraiser in your social circles, including your colleagues, family, social media and email contacts.

• Have each of your social media friends follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes.

• Collect auction items or in-kind donations from local businesses, friends and colleagues. ♥ Host Committee members will receive the following benefits:

• Listing in gratitude blog and follow up materials.

• Listing in the event program, if your full donation is made 14 days prior to the fundraiser.

• Private table(s) with framed name plates.

• Recognition during the fundraiser, for donations of $5000 or more. As a 2-time breast cancer survivor, I truly thank you for your generous consideration to support a cause that is so near and dear to my heart. We would be most grateful if you would accept this formal invitation to be part of our 2022 host committee. Email us at for official forms and more information.

Best Wishes! Shay Sharpe


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