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March madness winner #40

Starting around 8 years old I would do “fake” breast exams. My aunt had the instruction card in her shower and although I didn’t have breasts I had fun doing whatever that card told me to do when I would spend the night with her. It’s the early education for me. Fast forward into my adult years and I would do self-breast exams pretty regularly, although I did not have a family history or anything. November 7, 2019 I had my annual with my OBGYN and as a routine part of well-woman exam, he checked my breasts. Per usual, everything was normal. Around the first week of December (just a few weeks later), I did my self-exam and per usual, everything felt fine.

Moving on to December 26, 2019, I was preparing to get in the shower and being silly me, I grabbed my breasts because I was cold. And when I did that my right thumb landed on something. When I got in the shower I did an exam just to make sure I WAS trippin, and didn’t feel anything. Ok cool. But the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I checked again. Sure enough there was a lump that I knew wasn’t there just weeks prior. That Monday morning I made an appt at my OBGYN’s office. I saw his NP who said that because I was only 30 and didn’t have a family history, she was pretty sure it was just a cyst, and she sent me to get a mammogram just to be safe.

Mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, and on January 13, 2020 I was told that it was indeed breast cancer (stage 2A Her 2+). I completed 6 rounds of chemo, had a lumpectomy, 25 radiation treatments, and just finished Herceptin/Perjeta on 3/18. Moving forward, Lupron injections monthly and Exemestane daily (hormone therapy). This is a journey I never expected to be on but I am glad I am doing just fine. Thank you. ~ A’ra.

Congratulations March Madness Winner #40


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