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Wish Granted! Sending Marie Claude to see the Bison

Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes received a request from @marieclaudebelzile on November 9th 2020. This beautiful and soft spoken being, was stolen from us on yesterday. F*ck you cancer!!

“My name is Marie-Claude Belzile. I'm 33 and I have a metastatic breast cancer since 2016 but got diagnosed stage 4 in 2018. I first had mets to my lungs but lately it spread to my brain. I did all the chemo lines available so now I rest and decided to stop treatments. I have about 6 months left as estimated by the oncologist. But we never know what life may brings to us so as long as there is life, there is hope.

I have a last wish before I die and I want to go see bison herds in the Parc National des Prairies in central Canada. It's a 4 to 5 days roadtrip to my home, I live in Montreal in the province of Quebec in Canada. Shay does me the honor to help me with that wish and helps me to go there with my wife for our last trip together. I'm surrounded with love and I have a great medical team around me. That's the best I can wish for.

Thank you Shay Sharpe Pink Wishes to help me fullfil my dream. I can't thank you enough.” ~ Marie Claude

SSPW had 1 major dilemma with this wish, as we only grant wishes in the US and Marie Claude was in Canada. I spoke to my team and one of our major sponsors, @acauseforentertainment, as I wanted to break the rule for this woman who I felt was so deserving of this final wish. Thankfully everyone was on board, including my sisters over at @flatclosurenow. In less than 1 week we pulled our funds together and sent Marie Claude on her amazing road trip to see the bison. Thank God that we moved so swiftly, because here it is a month later and she is gone. 💔

Cancer doesn’t care that we’re in a pandemic, as it is still ravaging and stealing lives!

Thanks to anyone who has made a donation this year, as you helped us make Marie-Claude’s final wish come true. Please keep MC’s wife and loved ones in your heart and prayers.

Until we meet again Dollface. Love you. ~ Madame President


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