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Sensual and Sexy, even after Breast Cancer. Unapologetically 40! by Shay Sharpe

Breast cancer at age 26 & 36.

Both breasts removed 1 week before my 27th birthday.

60 pound weight gain after my 2nd breast diagnosis.

1000’s of doctor appointments.

Over 140,000 pills consumed.

14 weeks of daily radiation.

All leading to countless side effects, scars, burns and reasons not to feel sexy. I think most women question their sexuality at some point when considering a mastectomy. I refuse to question mine anymore!

This birthday week has been filled with non-stop sexy moments, leading up to this.. My 40th birthday!

Thanks to cancer and crime, I’ve had to face my own mortality more times than most women at this age, but guess what.. I made it! I MADE IT! I also made a “fake” sex tape! LOL!

Unapologetically 40. ~ Shay Sharpe

*We don’t own any rights to this song. Song: When We Artist: Tank


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