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SSPW March Madness Winner #2

My name is Deltra and I am a 35 year old history loving New England lifer, newly separated home educating mama of 5 just trying to survive and thrive after being swept into the world of all things #breastcancer in the Summer of 2019.

When I felt the lump (I refuse to call it mine) back in July 2019, it seemed as though it had appeared out of nowhere. I wasn't too concerned about it, but I did make an appointment to see my doctor. When she sent me for an ultrasound and the tech, looking troubled, called in a doctor to see what she was seeing, that's when I became concerned.

Still, I figured the odds were in my favor. I thought not having a family history and being young made a difference.

After my biopsy results came back revealing it was #cancer, the next few weeks were a blur of scans and tests and #anxiety and clinging to hope. Mentally, I was preparing to "battle".

Based on the size of my breast tumor we assumed I might be a stage II or III. A #scan and #biopsy revealed a single met to my liver. I was metastatic. I felt like all my hope and fight slipped away the moment I heard the word.

But I grasped at both and today I strive to thrive through my circumstance. After all, I have 5 beautiful daughters watching me live out my life. I want them to see me striving, hoping, advocating, soaking up fun moments and loving myself well.

Thank you for letting me share my story! ~ Warmly, Deltra. Congratulations Deltra! You’re our #2 March Madness recipient. We will gift you $100 now and put your name in the hat to possibly win $1000 at the end of the month. Give your beautiful daughters a big hug from SSPW. Good luck and Best Wishes! ~ Madame President


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