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SSPW March Madness Winner #34

Hello My name is Rita. I’m 47 and from Baltimore, with 4 beautiful kids. My journey started the last week of July in 2019, went out to a little girls day came home and 2 days later as I showered i felt the bump as I called it, with a physical appt approaching i said it will probably be gone no worries. Making to my appt 2 days later the bump still there with no itch, and thats where it began.

Mammogram, biopsy and results. At about 12pm Aug 2,2019 my birthday I received the result Invasive Ductile Carcinoma in the left breast, i prayed,I prayed and just gave it to God, I had my sad moment and moments i didnt want talk i was so worried with the plan if treatment that being off work after all these years, how would I take care if my kids and the bills.

I finally talked to Shay about my diagnosis and what was going on and she reassured me that its still life after being diagnosed, the foundation made sure we were ok thanksgiving and Xnas and still checks on us now after 5 surgeries, 2 rounds of Chemo and radiation and still getting IV meds till april I can say Im grateful, God had been and still is so good to me, I often worried that i needed a left breast and was offen given the chance to go back in to make it match but I said no, I’m not ashamed of what I went threw, what I am is a walking testimony, still cant go back to work due to COvid so I just enjoy my kids and my new grandboy as I focus on completing my online classes to obtain my Degree.

As of Oct 2020 no signs of Cancer💗 ~ Rita

Congratulations March Madness Winner #34


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