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SSPW March Madness winner #4

Hello.... my breast cancer story started out like this. In March 2014 I was playing with my son Levi he was about 6 months old and as I was playing with him he tugged at my right breast as if I was going to breastfeed him and then said No Levi you know Mommy doesn’t breastfeed you and I hugged my beast while saying this as I hugged I felt a lump. I immediately got scared I put my son down and I called my Mom who was also a breast cancer survivor. I told her what was wrong and she gave me her doctors information and told me to make an appointment and that everything was going to be ok.

My Mom didn’t want me worrying because I just had a set of twins who just joined their big sister Kailynn. I called Dr. Myles Harrison over at Sinai Hospital and my appointment was made for April 9 I believe. So I go in we discuss my situation and then had biospy tests done and turns to find out I had DCIS early cancer stage 2 in my right breast. Then my left breast had strange activity going on. So I was given the option to have a double mastectomy with implants put in. So surgery day was in September and I was numb to what was going on but I was also a new Mom and soon to be wife so I just wanted normalcy. Shortly after my surgery my implants became affected and I was rushed to University of MD. I couldn’t believe it I felt awful the surgery went well but my implants affected me in such a way the doctors scraped all the way down to my bones.

So after all of this I am recovering trying to rebuild my life after what I’ve been through taking my tamoxifen like I was supposed to. So fast forward to January 2016 I started having terrible pain in my back but I figured I have 3 kids both my girls are autistic I am wife now so I have a lot on my plate. The pain worsen and worsen to the point it affected my breathing and my mobility. But I kept ignoring my it figuring it was a slipped disc or stress.

In the month of May it was on a Wednesday I couldn’t move I could barely breathe I told my husband he panicked and tried to pick me out of bed when he picked me my whole spine felt like it was on fire I begged him to put me down. He called my Mom. My Mom rushed over and she just prayed rubbed my head and before you knew it i had enough strength for my husband to take me to Union Memorial Hospital. When I got there I was informed I had stage 4 bone metastatic breast cancer and that my spine had been destroyed by the cancer. I was heartbroken I just cried I said to my husband what am I going to do I felt hopeless I was in trance. The doctor who informed us about the cancer came over to me and hugged me. From then on I spent a month in the hospital I had a steel rod put in place of my spine. This took 2 surgeries 6-7 hours apart to repair my spine and remove the cancer cells. Moving forward I have had my ovaries removed to prevent the spread of cancer. Overall I have been living with cancer since 2016. I have had liver lesions just had two surgeries to repair that. I just finished radiation for the third time.

As I continue to live with this cancer I want to inspire encourage and help anyone in need. My husband my children are my strength. My Lord and Savior keeps me sane. This is a very rough road I’ve lost 3 aunts to cancer and a dear close friend. This is my story. ~ Nicole Thanks for sharing your journey with us Nicole. You are recipient #4 in our March Madness giveaway. SSPW will gift you $100 now then add your name to the jackpot, to possibly win $1000 at the end of the month. Give your cute babies a big kiss from Team SSPW. ~ Madame President


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