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SSPW March Madness Winner #5

I was 6 months postpartum breastfeeding my baby girl when I realized my crack nipples would heal and crack again. This was concerning to me as I have breastfeed before and didn't have this problem longterm. to make a long story short after several antifungal creams and treatments for mastitis. I was sent to a breast surgeon and blindsided with the news that I had pagets disease after several more test in turned out to be stage 3 breast cancer.

I am now post treatment and on March 8th will be celebrating 2nd cancer free anniversary. It has been a long road metally and physically but I feel blessed to be alive and well. Still learning to cope and love the new me! ~ Karen Congratulations Karen! You are our #5 recipient of March Madness Funds. Thank you for sharing your story with us. As a thank you, you will receive $100 now and your name will also go into the pot, for a chance to win the $1000 jackpot. Good luck. ~ Madame President


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